A stronger, leaner body faster.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to get stronger and leaner or a serious fitness enthusiast determined to push yourself to the limit, no other gym routine in the country can realise your strength and fitness potential better or faster than X-Force™ negative strength training at BodyTech.

X-Force™ delivers results on a whole new level. What previously required three 30-minute workouts a week can now be surpassed with only two 20-minute X-Force™ sessions.

X-Force™ is:

  1. Effective – negative training pushes your muscles to their full potential, producing a deeper level of fatigue that builds stronger, leaner muscles and burns fat at a faster-than-normal rate.
  2. Efficient – results that previously required several workouts a week can now be stimulated in just two workouts, and with far less exercise;
  3. Safe – X-Force™ involves slow, uncomplicated movements that don’t expose you to potentially damaging forces on your joints and muscles;
  4. Supervised – your X-Force™ strength training routines will be personally supervised from start to finish by a skilled trainer who specialises in high intensity training. This eliminates the need to pay for frequent and expensive pay-per-session personal training.

X-Force™ negative strength training is quite simply the greatest advance in total body strength and fitness in a generation. Research clearly supports that negative strength training is far better at improving muscular strength and fitness than conventional equipment or programmes offered by other gyms.

Are you ready to try the best workout ever?