Unleash the power of negative strength training.

X-Force™ negative strength training helps you gain strength and lose fat faster than research has ever previously recorded1. BodyTech is the only gym in New Zealand, and one of the few in the world, to have secured this leap forward in total body strength and fitness.

So what is negative training?

As far back as the early 1970s, it was discovered that putting greater emphasis on the lowering part of an exercise was a more effective way of strength training. That’s because your lowering (negative) strength is the strongest - approximately 40% greater than your (lifting) positive strength!

Studies proved that loading the lowering phase with 40% extra resistance compared to the lifting phase resulted in unprecedented gains in muscular growth, strength and conditioning.2

Yet the primary method for gaining strength and size has continued to involve lifting weights, with no regard to the lowering part. Why?

Technology needed to catch up.

For more than three decades, manufacturers were in a quandary over how to design and construct an exercise machine that automatically matched the resistance to your lowering strength. After all, you can’t lower something that you can’t lift!

Then in 2008, Swedish engineers introduced an innovative and refined series of negative training machines called X-Force™. The ingenuity of X-Force™ is the patented tilting weight stack that unloads the positive phase and then loads the negative with 40% extra resistance – without the use of assistants.

Extraordinary benefits.3

This extra negative resistance means you get a lot more out of your strength training session than with conventional strength training methods.

  • Improves training intensity and efficiency – this greater negative load means the muscles reach failure sooner, the most important factor when it comes to acquiring more strength and muscular fitness. 
  • Maintain your hard-earned muscle improvements longer while de-training - because muscle built using negative training delays the loss of muscle compared with conventional methods of training.
  • Elevate your fat-burning metabolism - during and days after your workout.
  • Enhance fat cell breakdown - by stimulating the production of key hormones and other chemical messengers.
  • More stimulation to the so-called passive structures - bones, ligaments, tendons and cartilage, making them stronger and healing them faster and better.


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