Active fit woman practices Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga asana utthita trikonasana - extended triangle pose


The ancient Eastern practice of yoga was designed to blend body and mind, meshing the physical with the mental and spiritual. Modern-day science confirms that the practice also has tangible benefits to overall health.

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Athletic flexible man doing Pilates One-legged Supported Shoulder stand pose, Control Balance Exercise


Emerging scientific evidence confirms that Pilates can offer significant benefits to adults of all ages including improvement in flexibility, muscle strength, posture, gait and range of motion.

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Research supports that a reduced calorie eating plan in conjunction with a high intensity strength training programme (HIT) is a very powerful way to change your body composition, with less fat and more muscle in a very short period of time.

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Healthcare Services

When you want to get back to your best as quickly as possible, we offer access to the expertise of a range of professional healthcare providers including physiotherapy, massage and acupuncture to help with your rehabilitation and recovery.

Strong athletic man relaxing after a sauna

Steam & Sauna

If your day’s been a slog, nothing relaxes body and mind like our sauna and steam rooms in both our men’s and women’s locker rooms. Best of all they’re included in your membership, but the benefits don’t end there.

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Wellness and fitness go hand-in-hand at BodyTech. We offer a range of world-renowned and expertly supervised strength training programmes. Check them out.

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