A workout at BodyTech is good for my body and brain. It really works for me.

Niki Bezzant

" The X-Force workouts are incredible. They are seriously intense and hard work but I’ve really seen the results. "

Andrew Ferdinando

" I have tried other gyms in Auckland and by far the experience at BodyTech is the very best. "

David Leakey

" BodyTech is serious about fitness, and it absolutely shows. "

Karan Fadnavis

" X-Force is so good. My strength and body shape have changed so fast. Feeling great. "

Warren Ross

" Hands down the best gym I’ve experienced for quality of expertise and technology, with an amazingly supportive team. "

Aaron Taylor

" A unique gym experience, science-based training, fantastic staff and incredibly knowledgeable owners. "

Patrick Corson

" I had never felt comfortable in any gym until I started at BodyTech. The staff really know their stuff and everyone is super-friendly. "

Sarah Doney