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  • Live well road test: Negative strength training

    4 March 2019 Author: Gracie Taylor

    A “good soreness” in her muscles that lasted for two days after her X-Force™ negative strength training workout has Gracie Taylor from the New Zealand Herald lining up to try it again.

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  • Positive spin on the negative

    3 March 2019 Author: Stephen Heard

    With his legs shaking like a bay giraffe’s and muscles reaching boiling point, Stuff’s Stephen Heard discovers that the X-Force™ negative strength training difference is immediately obvious.

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  • The 20 minute workout that changes your body

    16 February 2019 Author: Rachel Grunwell

    Weekly columnist for Indulge, Rachel Grunwell, discovers that, as in life, working hard at the gym gets results – especially if it’s a new X-Force™ negative strength training routine at BodyTech Gym.

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  • Fed up with the spread?

    6 January 2018 Author: Niki Bezzant

    Middle age need not mean the end of health and vigour, writes Niki Bezzant.

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  • Me vs Exercise

    1 October 2016 Author: James Walker, Barkers 1972 magazine

    Recently liberated from both his affable Argentine personal trainer and running (with a lifetime excuse note from his kindly doctor), James Walker was inspired to join a ‘slick gym on the outskirts of Newmarket’.

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  • More pep in your step

    16 March 2016 Author: Monique Rana

    Tired all the time? Dragging your feet to bed every night? Model and co-founder of BodyTech Gym, Monique Rana, shares her tips for solving the energy crisis in your life.

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  • Mirror, mirror make me young

    30 August 2015 Author: Rob Stock, Sunday Star Times

    People in their 40s and 50s often find themselves looking in the mirror and wanting to make big changes. Rob Stock talks to BodyTech founder Peter Rana about BoomerHIT™, BodyTech’s strength training programme designed especially for baby boomers.

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  • Short and sweet

    24 August 2015 Author: Natalie Cyra, Digital Editor

    According to a recent BBC Horizon documentary, quality not quantity of exercise is the key to major health and fitness benefits. Good's Digital Editor, Natalie Cyra, decided to put it to the test in one of BodyTech Gym's Supervised Strength Circuit HIIT classes.

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  • Peter Rana pumps iron in the tropics

    16 August 2015 Author: John Anthony

    Well-travelled BodyTech co-founder Peter Rana shares his travel experiences and advice, and looks forward to orbiting the moon once Sir Richard can guarantee the return journey!

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  • In my beauty bag: Monique Rana

    6 August 2015 Author: Melissa Williams-King

    "My beauty philosophy is simple: what you eat, drink, think and feel will reflect on the outside of your body." Model and co-founder of BodyTech Gym, Monique Rana, talks to Stuff Life & Style about the beauty routine she relies on to look and feel her best.

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  • How to be a healthier man

    12 June 2015

    To mark Men’s Health Week, Peter Rana (BodyTech Founder), Tony Marsh, Joe Naufahu and others discuss the importance of being proactive about your health and wellbeing.

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  • Man up for a marathon

    1 May 2015 Author: Peter Rana

    Running harder and further isn’t the key to comfortably completing a marathon according to Peter Rana, founder of BodyTech Gym. It’s strength training. That’s why an esteemed cross-country team from the US is as committed to strength training as it is to running practice. And with two highly-regarded championships under their belts, it looks like they’re onto something.

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  • How to man up for water skiing

    1 April 2015 Author: Peter Rana

    With the World Water Ski Racing Championship about to land on New Zealand shores, we ask Peter Rana, founder of BodyTech Gym, about the unique physical demands it places on the body. His recommended HIT routine will keep you strong in all the right places, upright and injury-free.

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  • You're never too old to pump iron.

    31 March 2015 Author: Aziz al-Sa'afin

    Motivation can be tough for many gym-goers. But for Doug Hitchcock, motivation has never been a problem - and he's likely to inspire a few people too. Hitchcock, a father of three, lost his wife to cancer three years ago after being married for 57 years and says the hardest thing for him has been to learn to live on his own again. See how Doug's motivation and the team at BodyTech have given him a whole new lease on life.

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  • Belly fat: all our muscles must work hard to shift it

    22 March 2015 Author: Peter Rana

    A few years ago, a study surveyed which body parts people most wanted to improve. Sixty per cent of men and women voted for their abdominals. The reality is, however, that genetics play a big part in whether or not we can develop prizewinning abs says Peter Rana, founder of BodyTech Gym.

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  • Hitting new highs

    2 February 2015

    You've been working out, taking care of your body and making a conscious effort to eat well. You're not gaining weight, but you're also not getting any fitter. Welcome to fitness limbo. Daisy Sillis signs up for BodyTech's 28-Day HIT Challenge to kick-start her fitness.

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  • Man up for cricket

    1 February 2015 Author: Peter Rana

    First determine the primary muscles used for cricket, then select exercises that strengthen those muscles through their full range of possible movement. That’s the way to man up on the pitch this summer according to BodyTech founder Peter Rana.

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  • Motivation: How to get it and keep it.

    11 January 2015 Author: Peter Rana

    What makes people wake at the crack of dawn, jump into their training gear and head to the gym? What drives them to diligently prepare their weekly menu in advance? What's the driving force behind this level of motivation? BodyTech's Peter Rana reveals what it is that makes some people more disciplined than others when exercising regularly and eating better.

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  • Armed with big guns

    1 January 2015 Author: Peter Rana

    When it comes to rating a muscular looking body, the arms are usually the first thing that’s sized up. Get ready, because BodyTech founder Peter Rana
    is going to shock and awe your arms with a HIT routine to impress.

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  • Suck it up … six packs

    1 December 2014 Author: Peter Rana

    Genetics play a major role when it comes to achieving abs. But regardless of what shape you’re in, you can still strengthen your waist muscles according to Peter Rana, founder of BodyTech Gym. Simply embark on a routine of high intensity abdominal exercises.

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  • A letter from the editor

    1 November 2014 Author: Niki Bezzant

    Niki Bezzant, Editor of Healthy Food Guide magazine, discovers that being healthy is a bigger picture thing than the number on the scales, and has BodyTech to thank for replacing lost muscle and reducing body fat.

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  • 11 ways to man up your upper body

    1 November 2014

    High Intensity Training isn’t meant to be easy but the results are worth it. Bodytech Gym founder, Peter Rana, has devised the perfect routine to transform your chest, back and arms for explosive growth using the HIT concept.

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  • To Paleo or not to Paleo?

    26 October 2014 Author: Peter Rana

    Each year, 22 experts from U.S. News & World Report rank various nutritional plans to help discerning consumers make informed decisions. Followers of the Paleo diet are likely to go prehistoric on this year's report which ranks it last. BodyTech Gym founder Peter Rana says they’ve got it right.

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  • Man up your legs in 6 minutes

    1 October 2014

    Strong lower body muscles protect hip, knee and ankle joints, enable you to work your cardiovascular system efficiently and – let's face it – give you better visual appeal. BodyTech Gym founder Peter Rana delivers a leg routine that gets you there faster.

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  • 5 ways to man up your upper body

    30 September 2014 Author: Kristof Haines

    When the shirts come off this summer, will you be the one with the beer belly, or that guy who can be proud of his physique? Watch this video to find out 5 ways to build your upper body.

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  • Wellbeing: Coming out of hibernation

    28 September 2014 Author: Peter Rana

    Is it too late to fit into your togs? Not if you follow the right process says BodyTech Gym founder Peter Rana: a good dose of high intensity strength training (HIT), small, frequent mini meals, lots of water to superhydrate your system and rest.

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  • HIIT programmes are the new black

    1 September 2014

    High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT programmes are the fitness trend of the year according to the American College of Sports Medicine. Founder of BodyTech Gym New Zealand Peter Rana has been using them in his gyms for years.

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  • High intensity strength training: Some common questions answered

    28 August 2014 Author: Peter Rana

    Following on from his popular seminar on high intensity strength training, BodyTech Gym founder Peter Rana answers in more detail some of the questions raised by attendees.

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  • Small business: Keeping well with Peter Rana of BodyTech Gym

    18 August 2014 Author: Caitlin Sykes

    BodyTech Gym founder Peter Rana talks about his personal approach to fitness and recommends what actions small business owners can take to get in better physical shape to cope with the demands of their working lives.

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  • Exercise and diet go hand in hand

    17 August 2014 Author: Peter Rana

    When BodyTech Gym founder Peter Rana opened his first gym in East Hampton New York in 1986 its success was due to two factors: high intensity strength training and a recommended diet of whole or minimally processed foods. Nearly 30 years later, the combination is no less potent.

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