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Josiah Taurua

Personal Trainer | PT Training Coordinator and Educator

I got into the fitness industry because I enjoy exercise and I love the feeling I get from helping people achieve their goals. Eleven years later nothing has changed except I am now better at it.

I believe nothing worth having is easy to get, so I take the time to understand what my clients goals are AND why their goals are important to them. I then do all that I can to help them take the necessary steps (as hard as those steps may be) towards achieving those goals. 

I came to BodyTech in 2007 during which time I have developed a range of different fitness skills including:

  • Personal Trainer
  • Boxing instructor
  • Spin instructor
  • Bootcamp instructor
  • Run group trainer
  • Body Tech Bravo Functional Training Series trainer
  • Fitness Supervisor
  • Training and Personal training coordinator
  • Kettlebell instructor

These skills have all shaped me to be the successful trainer I am today.

Why do you embrace HIT?
The harder you work, the better your results are. I want the best, most efficient training programs for my clients.

What’s your favorite workout/exercise to experience HIT?
I like all the HIT workouts, but love finding the workouts/exercises that my clients can work their hardest in.

How do you benefit from HIT in everyday life?
I have found HIT to be the most time efficient and effective exercise to help achieve my goals. This is largely because, fitting three half hour workouts per week into my very busy schedule is much more achievable than any other exercise routine I have ever done. I can stick to that routine and achieve my goals.

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