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Gus Dines

Personal Trainer

Sports and fitness have always been a part of my life, from playing sport at competitive levels throughout school and then doing a year's stint abroad for Rugby, before settling back into Auckland. In 2016 I was blessed with my daughter. She changed my priorities and made me want to be the best version of myself, both physically and mentally. So, I decided to pursue a career as a Personal Trainer. In 2017 I completed my certificate in Personal Training at NZIHF and have been an instructor at BodyTech ever since.

As a passionate Personal Trainer, it's imperative to me to understand what the client's fitness and health goals are, no matter how big or small as this helps to devise a personalised programme to help them achieve those goals.

Why do you embrace HIT?

Simply because it works, plus it's super time efficient. Before HIT, I used to do conventional strength training but would get bored with the amount of time I spent training. If I'd known back then what I know now my time would have been more effectively spent. Bottom line is, if you want to get stronger you need to embrace it.

What's your favourite workout/exercise to experience HIT?

It would have to be the leg press, then dips and pullups, repeat 6 times with limited rest. Super intense and super harsh on the lungs!

How do you benefit from HIT in everyday life?

I have more energy and more strength and mobility around my joints. Having that confidence to be able to do activities that I wouldn't usually do has had a huge effect on me and my family.

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