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Jaimee Marie

Personal Trainer

I commenced working at BodyTech in February 2017. Prior to joining BodyTech, I did promotional work for the Paralympics, trying to encourage children with disabilities to participate in sport. I've always had a passion for sport, but it was the idea of helping others create positive change in their lives while pursuing their dreams, that really drove me to get involved with the Paralympics, as well as with BodyTech. I want to show others how the benefits of regular exercise can impact positively on their fitness, health and wellbeing. At BodyTech, you don't have a chance to focus your attention on anything else, except the exercise you're doing, which allows the mind to focus.

Why do you embrace HIT?

Prior to BodyTech, my workouts were always longer and I often wandered around, without having a purpose to them. My HIT workouts at the gym is my 'me time' when I can focus on each exercise I'm doing while maximising the intensity of each repetition and think about nothing else. I always feel great after a workout, as regular exercise releases 'feel good' chemicals within the body, much like the runner's high people talk about.

What's your favourite workout/exercise to experience in HIT?

I love the leg press. This is my favourite lower body exercise, from the burn, momentary muscular fatigue, rush of endorphins and the mental demand it requires -keeps me wanting more. In that one set, I feel like I break through barriers both physical and mental, by squeezing out one more rep than my last workout. I feel somewhat stronger each time, it's always a challenge, but one I love to conquer every time.

How do you benefit from HIT in everyday life?

I constantly break barriers when it comes to high intensity strength training, which has a follow through effect on self-esteem, confidence – and knowing that all limits and breakthroughs start with the mind.

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