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Vai Asomua

Personal Trainer

In 2017 I studied at the NZ Institute of Health and Fitness (NZIHF) and became a qualified Personal Trainer. This paved the way for me to become a Fitness Instructor at BodyTech which furthered my study and practical experience, enabling me to qualify as a HIT Personal Trainer.

Fitness has always played a massive part in my life and from a young age I knew my fitness would determine how well I performed in the ring for boxing or on the sports field for rugby. As sports is hugely demanding on the body, being fit and strong allowed me to avoid many injuries that seemed to plague others. Fitness and strength are important to keeping your body running at optimal level. Knowing this enables me to help others push through mental and physical barriers, have no excuses, while living life well.

Why do you embrace HIT?

HIT is progressive, makes me work hard while keeping sessions short. I thrive on being pushed to my limit, as it challenges me mentally, while helping me achieve my fitness goals and seeing results. Fitness and health is important to me, so I can take on any new challenges and being ready for what life may through at me.

What's your favourite workout/exercise to experience HIT?

My favourite exercise is working the chest on the MedX Arm machine; feeling the resistance throughout the full range of movement but especially at full contraction of your muscle. You feel every rep and I love the burn you get from it.

How do you benefit from HIT in everyday life?

Doing shorter harder workouts allows me to do more outside of the gym, like spending time with loved ones while doing any outdoor activities on sunny day from being at the beach, tramping and jogging.

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