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Kelly Davies

Personal Trainer | BodyTech Bravo Instructor | Supervisor

Growing up I loved playing sports and running as I was a very active child and knew I would love to build a career around health and fitness. As I got a little older I joined the gym and instantly knew that personal training was what I wanted to do. I studied at New Zealand Institute of Health and Fitness and then started working in the fitness industry.

I found BodyTech at the beginning of 2018 and started as a Fitness Instructor. Since then I have developed my skills and knowledge allowing me to become a Supervisor, teach Small Group Fitness Bravo Classes and become a HIT Personal Trainer. I love my job and know this is my passion.

Why do you embrace HIT?

HIT training is effective and efficient. I can get an extremely intense workout done in the space of 30 minutes. Not only that but I love the challenge both mentally and physically. I can honestly say that since starting work at Body Tech, I train the hardest I ever have in my life but, for the first time, I am not spending hours in the gym. I am seeing great results and feel more motivated than ever to achieve my goals - one of them being 5 pull-ups.

What's your favourite workout/exercise to experience HIT?

My favourite exercise is definitely with my HIT Personal Trainer. I find with extra support I always work harder than I think I am capable of and manage a few extra reps that I can't do on my own. I also love having someone hold me accountable to my goals as I find that motivates me to achieve them faster.

How do you benefit from HIT in everyday life?

HIT training gives me more time in my everyday life. I love the gym but like to keep my sessions short and sweet so I have time to be outdoors - whether that's running, snowboarding or yoga. It also makes me feel great and gives me more energy day to day.

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