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Melanie Plugge

Personal Trainer / Strike Instructor / Supervisor

I first developed a passion for the fitness industry when I completed my master's thesis on exercise intervention, for people who had experienced homelessness. It opened my eyes to see not just the physical, but also the emotional and psychosocial benefits of regular exercise.

Since then I've wanted to build a career around helping people achieve their goals, because I believe that exercise can impact on so many different aspects of our lives. It drives me to form relationships with people by understanding their goals and ascertaining what motivates them to achieve the results they want.

Why do you embrace HIT?

I use to think I trained hard, until I came here. BodyTech has completely changed my view of exercises and there's no going back. I like that, by increasing the intensity, I can decrease the duration of my workouts and easily slot them into my day. I've seen results in a very short time and that motivates me.

What's your favourite HIT exercise?

I love my sessions with my personal trainer. I've been slowing down my reps and experimenting with negative-accentuated training to increase muscle recruitment and get more intensity out of each exercise. It's been a game changer for me.

How do you benefit from HIT training?

Shorter and more intense workouts that complement my busy lifestyle, make it easier to stay active and work towards my goals, one of which is being able to a whole set of muscle-ups - one day! 

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