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Monique Steedman

Personal Trainer/BodyTech Bravo Instructor

I've always had an interest in sports, fitness and health. After studying sports and recreation at the New Zealand Institute of Sport, I started my career as a fitness Trainer at BodyTech in 2016. Since then, I've grown my knowledge, experience and skills.

I'm currently working as a HIT Personal Trainer/Supervisor on the gym floor and teaching Small Group Fitness Bravo Classes. I find it really rewarding to see members progress and achieve their fitness/health goals.

Why do you embrace HIT?

I enjoy having shorter workouts and seeing results from hard work in such little time. Using the HIT principles has really worked for me since I've started seeing results it motivates me more.

What's your own favourite HIT exercise?

I really enjoy my personal training sessions with my Trainer at BodyTech. Having a variety of different exercises specific to my goals and getting pushed as hard as I can through each session, challenges me both mentally and physically.

How do you benefit from HIT in your everyday life?

HIT has given me a healthier lifestyle while improving my strength and cardiovascular endurance for my sports and own training.

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