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Alshaad Ali

Personal Trainer/ BodyTech Strike Instructor

I’ve always been passionate about fitness, so passionate in fact that I dropped out of Law school and completed a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation instead, majoring in Exercise Science. My desire to help people achieve their health and fitness goals led me to BodyTech, where I have learned the skills needed to be a successful Trainer.  What drives me the most is the ability to get maximum intensity out of our members, and to help them discover their ability and potential.

Why do I embrace HIT?
The concept of ‘giving my all’ in each exercise keeps me challenged, while the limited time for rest between exercises guarantees each of my workouts is intense.

What’s your favourite workout/exercise to experience HIT?
I enjoy pre-exhausting my targeted muscle groups with isolated exercises before putting them through a big compound movement.

For example: I perform an isolation movement for a particular muscle group like using the MedX leg extension for my quadriceps BEFORE I immediately perform a compound movement like squats or leg press.

Using the pre-fatiguing strategy keeps my workouts challenging and forces my muscles to work more intensely.

How do I benefit from HIT in every day life?
“To achieve a goal that you never have before, you need to do things that you never have done before.” HIT allows me to keep challenging my perceived limits every day, both in the gym and outside of it, allowing me to become stronger and fitter in all areas of my life.

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