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Donald Tony

Personal Trainer

It was my passion for sport that led me to pursue a career in the health and fitness industry.  I completed my BSc majoring in Sport and Exercise Science in 2016 and was extremely keen to put what I had learnt into practice at BodyTech, educating and motivating every guest, member and staff member that I train so they can achieve their goals. I play at semi-professional level in rugby league with the Junior Warriors.

Why do you embrace HIT?
It truly tests you, and pushes you both physically and mentally. Knowing you’ve only got one shot/one opportunity/one set on every exercise you do, there is no other choice but to give it 120% - “go hard or go home.” High Intensity training (HIT) is backed by scientific research that proves it’s not only effective but also safe and time efficient. This gives me the reassurance that what I do and what I educate members on is legitimate.

What's your favourite workout/exercise to experience HIT?
There is no one exercise or workout I consider to be my favourite as they all pose a great challenge. The way we vary and change exercise protocols to get intensity, e.g. super-slow, is what I love the most. Making every repetition count. You never get bored.

How do you benefit from HIT in everyday life?
It teaches me how to be mentally strong and know that whenever or whatever I do in life, always give it 120%. When you do this, you can walk away from any situation satisfied that you’ve given it your absolute all and have no regrets.  

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