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Sarah Colebrook

Personal Trainer/BodyTech Bravo Instructor

I have always been involved in sport, health and fitness and that led me to becoming a personal trainer. This amazing job at BodyTech gives me the opportunity to motivate people to achieve their personal goals and feel great about themselves.

I have played a variety of sports including hockey, cricket and netball and also really like swimming. I am a surf life saver at Piha beach, on Auckland’s West coast. Diving into the surf to help swimmers who have got into trouble is challenging but I really enjoy it. I use all of this knowledge to work alongside anyone who wants to get fit and healthy.

Why do you personally embrace HIT training?
I get a lot out of HIT training it allows me to work as hard as I physically can in a short period of time. I believe that the harder I work the more positive results I get out of it. It is also fun to show clients how to make HIT work for them too.

What is your favourite HIT exercise?
I love a good hard work-out that includes strength training and cardio exercises. Full-on HIT workouts have a large variety of exercise options which I really like as that means there’s no time to get bored.

How do you benefit from HIT Training?
I like HIT training as the workouts are short, hard, and intense. They last about 30 minutes three times a week which gives me time to do other things I enjoy such water sports and being with my family.

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