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Shantini Oorjitham

Personal Trainer/Training Supervisor BodyTechRide and Bravo Instructor

After a couple of years studying Biomedical Sciences at The University of Auckland I decided to follow my passion and pursue a career in the fitness industry. This evolved from my own dance training as I was interested in the many different ways that I could use exercise to improve my Ballet and Latin dancing.

I began at BodyTech in 2013 and now I am a fitness Supervisor and Personal Trainer. My love for group fitness led me to teach Bravo HIT, Spin and Pilates classes as well.

I moved into Personal Training after realising I really wanted to help people achieve their goals. I believe the best way of doing this is by building a fantastic rapport with my clients and learning what motivates them. I enjoy seeing people grow in confidence as they witness their own bodies becoming healthier and stronger.

Why do you personally embrace HIT?
I like to keep it simple and avoid training for hours on end. With HIT I get maximum results for very little time actually spent in the gym. This intensive bout of exercise is working really well for me - as I have noticed a significant increase in my own muscle tone and overall strength since I started HIT training.

What’s your own favourite exercise during HIT?
Leg presses – but they are a double edged sword as I find them the hardest to do! However that huge mental challenge just to keep going really motivates me. I feel great when I manage to do more then I think I can, so it’s worth all that pain.

How do you benefit from HIT in everyday life?
I don’t really want to spend hours in the gym when I can be out doing other fun things like dancing and spending time with friends. So half-hour HIT workouts are a fantastic way to squeeze exercise, work and leisure into the same day.

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