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Shouvik Nandy

Contract Personal Trainer/ Physiotherapist BodyTech Strike and Bravo Instructor

Bridging the gap between Physiotherapy and exercise.

Based on the individual needs, I offer a unique combination of physiotherapy and personal training in order to help people recover faster, move better and gain strength.

It is said that exercise is a powerful medicine. However correct selection, progression and intensity of exercise is often lacking when it comes to exercise-based rehabilitation. This is why musculoskeletal injuries is one of the leading causes of disability and poor quality of life.

I seek to treat the whole person and not just the injury or impairments, through my evidence-based approach to physiotherapy and exercise science. My combination of services such as physiotherapy assessment, structural restoration, strength therapy and HIT personal training - help people achieve their goals (talk to me to find out more about these sessions).

I have a particular interest in chronic musculoskeletal conditions (chronic low back pain, knee osteo-arthritis), per and post-surgical rehabilitation, Parkinson's population and sports injury rehabilitation.

I have been working with BodyTech since 2007 and my most cherished physiotherapy work experience includes Auckland Hospital Orthopaedics and The Vodafone Warriors.

My educational and vocational experience includes:

  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy
  • BodyTech HIT Personal Trainer
  • Bravo High Intensity Interval Training Small Group Instructor
  • BodyTech Strike Instructor
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Diploma in Personal Training (AUT)
  • Diploma in Sports Coaching and Management (Otago Sports Institute)
  • Muay Thai, Kickboxing: Grade III Instructor, Blackbelt 1st Dan Shinzen Kai Karate
  • Mixed Martial Arts Coach (University of Otago Clubs and Societies

Why do you embrace HIT?

High Intensity Training (HIT) has immense physiological benefits. It is the most effective and efficient way of training that allows an individual to gain strength, lose body fat and improve cardiovascular fitness within one short and sharp session. The harder you work the less time you require to do it.

What's your favourite workout / exercise to experience HIT?

Full body HIT routines using super slow timing. It allows an individual to attain maximum muscle fatigue through slow controlled full range of movement. It has proven to be highly effective in rehabilitation programmes where the emphasis is on safety and injury prevention while acquiring maximum strength gains.

How do you benefit from HIT in everyday life?

Juggling work, family, father duties and social commitments can prove to be quite challenging. HIT solves this puzzle by offering a highly effective and time efficient 20-30-minute sessions done three times a week.


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