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Ilka Sissingh

Contract Personal Trainer/Pilates Instructor

I’ve always been passionate about sport and exercise. I starting figure skating when I was just four and continued with a gymnastic career until the age of 20. During my Masters in Sport Science at the University of Leipzig, Germany, I developed my passion for helping people achieve their physical and life goals.

Working in the fitness industry since 2003 and teaching Pilates for nine years has given me the opportunity to work with everyone from kids as young as three to 82 year olds. I love the smile on my clients’ faces when overcoming a restriction and improving the quality of life through an individual exercise programme. But most of all, I love getting them to achieve goals they never thought possible, increasing their self confidence, being more positive and de-stressed.

Why do you embrace HIT?
Recently becoming a mum makes me realise how little ‘me’ time there is. I know exercising is very important, but the challenge is finding the time for it while still balancing family life and work hours. High Intensity Training is great as it gets you in and out of the gym in less than an hour, makes you feel great after a full body workout and you still have time for other important things in your life.

What's your favorite workout/ exercise to experience HIT?
Precision is the key to exercising, that's why I love the superslow workout. You only do a few repetitions on each machine but work in slow motion and have to maintain perfect form. It’s a very effective and efficient way of working out, and you also have no chance to cheat in front of your trainer!

How do you benefit from HIT in everyday life.
It's been amazing getting back into my pre-pregnancy clothes after just a few weeks, thanks to doing properly perform strength training during and after pregnancy.

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