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Research proves that intensity and good form are vital to achieving the best results from exercise. Yet the frequency with which new fitness fads appear in gyms could lead you to believe that "variety" should be added to the mix. But the truth is, variety without a higher level of supervision will compromise the quality of your workout.

That’s why BodyTech HIT PT is so successful. Having one-on-one supervision from a qualified HIT Personal Trainer will ensure that your intensity is high and your form impeccable, so that you’ll get the most reward for your efforts in the least amount of time.

Harder, shorter, fewer workouts.

Here’s what to expect from a HIT PT™ session:

  • Harder workouts
    A HIT PT™ session is tough and will push you beyond your comfort zone, but it’s safe. Your trainer is there every step of the way to correct your form, keep your intensity up, keep it interesting and help you stay motivated.

  • Shorter workouts
    Because your intensity is higher, naturally your sessions are shorter – 30 minutes is all you need!

  • Fewer workouts
    When you train at a high intensity you need to give your body time to recover (rest). It’s possible to get down to as few as six to eight sessions per month and still achieve great results.

Simply put, BodyTech HIT PT™ gets you better, faster results. And that’s the truth.

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