Weight loss3

For too long people have been trying to lose weight through cardio-driven exercise programmes or diets. But studies show that their efforts are in vain, finding these methods fundamentally flawed and not sustainable over the long term.

That’s why at BodyTech we’ve created our scientifically proven Fat2MUSCLE programme. At its heart are three robustly researched factors that guarantee you superior weight loss, faster.

We Call it weight loss to the power of 3: Proper exercise. Post-workout protein supplementation. Reduced calorie eating plan

With Fat2MUSCLE, these three factors combine to exponentially increase your fat burning (weight loss), to build lean muscle (reversing decades of declining strength) and to increase your metabolism (significantly changing the rate at which you burn calories).

As a result of the power of 3, the average man and woman can expect up to 1kg of fat loss per week!

Experience for yourself Weight loss3

There is no smarter way to lose weight and keep it off. To learn more about the range of flexible options available to you, please download our Fat2MUSCLE™ brochure (PDF) or ask at reception and experience for yourself the power of 3.

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