Up to 5x the calorie burn with Bravo High Intensity Interval Training Series.

With the explosion of new research coming out on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), it’s hard to know what to believe. Is it, as enthusiastic advocates claim, simply the most efficient way of losing weight and getting in shape quickly?

Science says yes. A study by the University of Western Ontario found that if you spend half an hour walking you’ll burn off 100 calories, 85 of which will come from your fat stores. Go for a jog and in the same time you’ll burn off 200 calories, 100 coming from fat stores. Use that same half hour doing HIIT, however, and more than 500 calories will be burned off, 150 of which will be from fat!

So why is HIIT so efficient?

For every litre of oxygen we breathe in, we burn 5 calories. So it stands to reason that if we breathe in more oxygen, we burn more calories. That’s where HIIT comes in. By alternating between periods of high intensity and low intensity exercise the heart rate is lifted and the cardiovascular system forced into places it’s unused to going. Consequently, the body begins to work much harder, demanding more oxygen and calories. Fat falls off, your body strengthens and your cardio endurance improves significantly – all in just three more intense 30-minute workouts a week.

Bravo HIIT Series - the best way to get your HIIT.

Bravo HIIT is our newest calorie-blasting, strength-building workout series that makes you consume oxygen like it’s going out of fashion! It features circuit-based exercises that combine the award winning Bravo functional training system and Arc Trainer™, along with other training accessories. Bravo HIIT is scientifically proven to increase metabolism, burn fat, strengthen muscles, improve insulin sensitivity and lift stamina. And that’s the truth.

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