Whether you’re a beginner looking to get stronger and leaner or a serious fitness enthusiast determined to push yourself to the limit, X-Force™ negative accentuated strength training safely delivers results on a whole new level. What previously required three or more workouts a week can now be surpassed with only two brief X-Force™ sessions. How?

New technology – revolutionary X-Force™ machines push your muscles to their full potential creating a powerful stimulus for building stronger, leaner muscles. They also activate five key hormones that greatly impact the speed at which muscle builds, fat is burned and your body transforms.

Personal training level supervision – your X-Force™ routine will be personally supervised by a skilled trainer who specialises in high intensity training (but without the expense of pay-per-session personal training).

To learn how X-Force™ makes your workout more productive and efficient, watch our 60 second video.

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