At the heart of Fat2MUSCLE are two scientifically proven components that, when applied together under highly skilled and knowledgeable trainers, create a powerful catalyst to transform your body from fat to muscle in a very short period:

  1. Negative accentuated exercise using breakthrough X-Force™ strength training machines. This type of training activates your body’s natural hormones that speed up the building of muscle and shrinking of fat.
  2. A reduced calorie eating plan specifically designed to work in conjunction with a strength training programme to accelerate fat loss while building muscle; along with post-workout protein supplementation to amplify muscular response to training and the shrinking of fat cells.

The average man and woman can expect up to 1kg of fat loss per week, and with continued attention and maintenance, the Fat2MUSCLE™ programme leads to a lifetime of muscular strength, body leanness and vitality. 

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