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Strength Training

Personalised strength training, under the guidance of a highly skilled and knowledgeable trainer, will save you time and money on workouts that don’t work or, even worse, end up injuring you.

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Dramatically reshape your body in just 6 weeks by building muscle at the expense of fat, using breakthrough negative accentuated exercise and a reduced calorie eating plan. Nothing comes close to the fast fat loss results achieved by both men and women with this powerful combination.


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Intensity’s vital to achieving the best results from exercise. Having one-on-one supervision from a qualified HIT Personal Trainer will ensure that yours is high so that you’ll get the most reward for your efforts.

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Want to live your life with gusto well into your 70s and beyond? Countless studies prove that strength training’s pivotal if you want to reclaim some of the fitness of your much younger self. Our BoomerHIT™ programme is tailored around a highly supervised, full body strength training programme for young at heart baby boomers.

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Serious training produces serious rewards. So if you’re not currently doing any cardio training or you're cruising on low effort cardio autopilot, it's time to step things up. Choose Fast Cardio™ and start getting fitter, quicker.

Trial Options

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Small Group

Our group HIT classes are based on a simple premise: less is more. By limiting the number of people in the class we can offer more personal supervision and that results in a more effective, safer and satisfying experience for you.

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Fitness and wellness go hand-in-hand at BodyTech. If you’re looking for the health and fitness benefits derived from Yoga and Pilates, or just wanting to explore our range of Wellness options, check them out.

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