Fitness Truths

  • Truth about metabolism and burning food calories

    29 January 2018 Author: Peter Rana

    Muscle cells, like any other cells of the body (liver, kidneys, skin, etc.), require energy to perform their normal function at rest; that is to say, the energy expenditure used outside of physical exertion. This is what is referred to as our Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR).

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  • Truth about the real worth of supervision

    22 January 2018 Author: Peter Rana

    Why are we so committed to delivering supervised strength training to our members? Because we’ve always known it makes the difference between achieving or not the promises of a properly performed strength training programme. And now, a new study* from a team of researchers at Southampton Solent University in the UK has proven it - scientifically.

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  • Truth about exercise paradigms

    24 August 2017 Author: Peter Rana

    One of the most common misconceptions about exercise is that it’s necessary to spend hours on end sweating up a storm to obtain worthwhile benefits like weight loss, muscle growth or the stamina of a marathoner.

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  • 10 rules of strength training

    13 March 2017 Author: Peter Rana

    There’s no shortage of evidence around the effectiveness of high intensity strength training – you may have experienced the remarkable results for yourself. But to get the most reward from your efforts in the shortest amount of time, there are some rules you should lock in.

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  • Aerobic Fitness is not enough

    6 February 2017 Author: Peter Rana

    A brand new, landmark research study conducted by Harvard scientists and published in the journal ‘Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise’ in 2016 reveals the REAL reason women should engage in strength training.

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  • Why increasing your muscle mass is life saving

    18 April 2016 Author: Peter Rana

    Last year I was fortunate to attend the Resistance Exercise Conference (REC) in Minneapolis and to hear the keynote presenter, British researcher and sports science lecturer James Fisher. His message: "Resistance training reduces the risk of all-cause mortality." Or to put it another way, resistance training reduces our risk of dying from all causes.

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  • Getting weaker with age is not inevitable

    13 May 2015 Author: Peter Rana

    With aging, muscle becomes weaker for several reasons. Firstly, muscle fibre size decreases resulting in smaller, weaker muscles. Secondly, the number of fast muscle fibres (fibres that help us move quickly and powerfully) decreases causing both strength and power loss. Finally, we lose the ability over time to activate muscle ‘motor units’, a nervous system phenomenon, so that the fibres that remain in the muscle are not used.

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  • High intensity strength training: Some common questions answered

    28 August 2014 Author: Peter Rana

    Following on from his popular seminar on high intensity strength training, BodyTech Gym founder Peter Rana answers in more detail some of the questions raised by attendees.

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  • Others tell you: Just go for it

    1 January 2014 Author: Peter Rana

    Coaches and athletes acknowledge that traditional strength training can increase muscular strength and endurance. But the truth is, “just going for it” without adequate supervision will deliver less than half the strength results.

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