Fitness Truths

  • Truth about your Transverse Abdominis

    19 June 2017 Author: Peter Rana

    Recently I had the good fortune to participate in a Biomechanics of Function workshop in America led by Dr Paul Juris, a noted kinesiologist specialising in motor skill development, sports performance enhancement and rehabilitation.

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  • Why workouts shouldn’t end at the gym

    1 August 2016 Author: Peter Rana

    You might want to read this email while standing up. Or perhaps while taking the stairs at work or walking to lunch. Why? Because it’s possible to extend your exercise regime daily beyond your scheduled BodyTech Gym workouts.

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  • Running won’t make you a better swimmer

    24 August 2015 Author: Peter Rana

    The fact is, training effects are specific to the type of exercise used during the training. Or to put it another way, running may increase aerobic fitness measured during running, but aerobic fitness measured during swimming, even after significant running training, would remain unchanged unless you practiced swimming.

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  • Others tell you: Balls, balance and bosu

    1 February 2014 Author: Peter Rana

    Swiss balls, balance boards, tilt disks, foam rollers and pads, inflated rubber disks and BOSU® Balance Trainers are all objects conspicuously placed around the floors of virtually every gym. Collectively, they comprise a class of exercise known as unstable training.

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