Fitness Truths

  • Truth about hydration and fat loss

    20 March 2018 Author: Peter Rana

    Water accounts for about 60% of our body weight and plays a pretty darn important role in making sure our body functions normally. But there are a few myths about hydration that need clarifying.

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  • Truth about fat, muscle and body size

    12 March 2018 Author: Peter Rana

    Why it is that two individuals of a similar height and weight can have very different sized bodies?

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  • Truth about metabolism and burning food calories

    29 January 2018 Author: Peter Rana

    Muscle cells, like any other cells of the body (liver, kidneys, skin, etc.), require energy to perform their normal function at rest; that is to say, the energy expenditure used outside of physical exertion. This is what is referred to as our Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR).

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  • Truth about the real worth of supervision

    22 January 2018 Author: Peter Rana

    Why are we so committed to delivering supervised strength training to our members? Because we’ve always known it makes the difference between achieving or not the promises of a properly performed strength training programme. And now, a new study* from a team of researchers at Southampton Solent University in the UK has proven it - scientifically.

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  • Truth about supervised vs. unsupervised training

    30 October 2017 Author: Peter Rana

    In a 2017 study*, researchers from the Universities of Potsdam (Germany), Heidelberg (Germany) and Groningen (The Netherlands) conducted a review of multiple studies to look at the difference supervised resistance training made to measures of balance and muscle strength compared to unsupervised in healthy older adults.

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  • Truth about muscles and metabolism

    11 September 2017 Author: Peter Rana

    Your body composition plays a significant role in your metabolism.
    Muscles have a large capillary system chiefly to meet their daily metabolic processes and to supply the high level of nutrients they need to function. This means that kg for kg muscles burn more calories than fat.

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  • Truth about exercise paradigms

    24 August 2017 Author: Peter Rana

    One of the most common misconceptions about exercise is that it’s necessary to spend hours on end sweating up a storm to obtain worthwhile benefits like weight loss, muscle growth or the stamina of a marathoner.

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  • Truth about your Transverse Abdominis

    19 June 2017 Author: Peter Rana

    Recently I had the good fortune to participate in a Biomechanics of Function workshop in America led by Dr Paul Juris, a noted kinesiologist specialising in motor skill development, sports performance enhancement and rehabilitation.

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  • Truth about white, brown and beige fat

    15 May 2017 Author: Peter Rana

    Not all fat is created equal. Whereas white fat has been known to store calories and be linked to weight gain, another type of fat - brown fat – burns calories to generate heat. Unfortunately, brown fat, found mainly in small mammals and human infants, diminishes with age.

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  • HIIT is good for broken hearts

    27 March 2017 Author: Peter Rana

    In the 1950s cardiac patients were told that rest was the key to recovery. From the late 1960s to the turn of the century, the benefits of aerobic exercise were espoused – conditioning the heart to do work with less effort.

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  • 10 rules of strength training

    13 March 2017 Author: Peter Rana

    There’s no shortage of evidence around the effectiveness of high intensity strength training – you may have experienced the remarkable results for yourself. But to get the most reward from your efforts in the shortest amount of time, there are some rules you should lock in.

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  • Strength training is the key to long term fat loss

    27 February 2017 Author: Peter Rana

    Most people associate strength training with getting ‘bigger’ as opposed to ‘smaller’. They perceive that strength training builds muscle and increases body weight, whereas cardiovascular training burns calories and decreases body weight.

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  • Aerobic Fitness is not enough

    6 February 2017 Author: Peter Rana

    A brand new, landmark research study conducted by Harvard scientists and published in the journal ‘Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise’ in 2016 reveals the REAL reason women should engage in strength training.

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  • Why workouts shouldn’t end at the gym

    1 August 2016 Author: Peter Rana

    You might want to read this email while standing up. Or perhaps while taking the stairs at work or walking to lunch. Why? Because it’s possible to extend your exercise regime daily beyond your scheduled BodyTech Gym workouts.

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  • Why Muhammad Ali got it right

    14 June 2016 Author: Peter Rana

    When the late, great Muhammad Ali was asked how many sit-ups he did, he responded, “I don’t count my sit-ups. I only start counting when it starts hurting. That is when I start counting, because then it really counts. That’s what makes you a champion.”

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  • Why HIT workouts get you there faster

    30 May 2016 Author: Peter Rana

    One of the most common misperceptions about exercise is that it’s necessary to spend hours on end sweating buckets to obtain benefits like weight loss or muscle growth. So it’s easy to justify skipping a workout because you “don’t have enough time” to make it worthwhile. But the truth is, working harder rather than longer using short bursts of high-intensity exercise gets results.

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  • Why increasing your muscle mass is life saving

    18 April 2016 Author: Peter Rana

    Last year I was fortunate to attend the Resistance Exercise Conference (REC) in Minneapolis and to hear the keynote presenter, British researcher and sports science lecturer James Fisher. His message: "Resistance training reduces the risk of all-cause mortality." Or to put it another way, resistance training reduces our risk of dying from all causes.

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  • Supervision is the key to better faster results

    30 September 2015 Author: Peter Rana

    International research wholeheartedly supports this. it teaches us that for the average man and woman to gain more muscle, strength, endurance and metabolism in a progressive strength training programme, the sessions need to be supervised.

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  • Running won’t make you a better swimmer

    24 August 2015 Author: Peter Rana

    The fact is, training effects are specific to the type of exercise used during the training. Or to put it another way, running may increase aerobic fitness measured during running, but aerobic fitness measured during swimming, even after significant running training, would remain unchanged unless you practiced swimming.

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  • Getting weaker with age is not inevitable

    13 May 2015 Author: Peter Rana

    With aging, muscle becomes weaker for several reasons. Firstly, muscle fibre size decreases resulting in smaller, weaker muscles. Secondly, the number of fast muscle fibres (fibres that help us move quickly and powerfully) decreases causing both strength and power loss. Finally, we lose the ability over time to activate muscle ‘motor units’, a nervous system phenomenon, so that the fibres that remain in the muscle are not used.

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  • Physical activity matters but fitness matters more

    20 April 2015 Author: Peter Rana

    We’ve all been sold on exercise as a ‘no sweat’ proposition; a little frequent effort is said to produce large benefits. While that’s great if it gets you off the sofa, the truth is it’s only the beginning if you want to significantly improve your health and vitality.

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  • Why high intensity cardio’s a more efficient fat burner

    12 April 2015 Author: Peter Rana

    High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has been shown to significantly reduce fat, especially deep abdominal fat, as well as total body mass.

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  • High intensity strength training: Some common questions answered

    28 August 2014 Author: Peter Rana

    Following on from his popular seminar on high intensity strength training, BodyTech Gym founder Peter Rana answers in more detail some of the questions raised by attendees.

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  • Others tell you: Balls, balance and bosu

    1 February 2014 Author: Peter Rana

    Swiss balls, balance boards, tilt disks, foam rollers and pads, inflated rubber disks and BOSU® Balance Trainers are all objects conspicuously placed around the floors of virtually every gym. Collectively, they comprise a class of exercise known as unstable training.

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  • Others tell you: Just go for it

    1 January 2014 Author: Peter Rana

    Coaches and athletes acknowledge that traditional strength training can increase muscular strength and endurance. But the truth is, “just going for it” without adequate supervision will deliver less than half the strength results.

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