Get fitter quicker with fast-paced cardio.

We're constantly being told to keep moving, but rarely are we urged to move fast and become really fit. That's because exercise is often presented as a "no-sweat" proposition. Even a minimum of effort is said to produce great health and fitness rewards, and so we happily switch on our long duration, low effort cardio autopilot.

It's time to get off autopilot!

The evidence supporting brief, fast-paced cardio using the principles of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is now well documented. BodyTech's Fast Cardio™ uses these principles as the basis for a highly productive cardio exercise programme with a range of workouts to meet the needs of different ages and fitness levels.

Using its high performance, science-based Cybex® cardio machines - treadmill, bike and Arc-trainer – Fast Cardio™ at BodyTech combines high intensity, calorie-torching periods of activity with low intensity recovery periods for an overall duration of as little as 4 to 30 minutes each session.

Effort makes a difference.

Serious training produces serious rewards. So if your cardio training has plateaued and you're simply "spinning your wheels", it's time to include Fast Cardio™ into the mix. You'll enjoy better results (twice the calorie burn, increased cardiovascular fitness and improved insulin sensitivity) than from long duration, low intensity cardio workouts - but in a third of the time!1

To find out more about how Fast Cardio™ can help get you fitter quicker, please download our brochure (PDF).

1 J Physiol. 2013 Feb 1; LJMU researchers, Wagenmakers, Cooks, Shepard. Porcari, University of Wisconsin, 1994