High intensity strength training for baby boomers.

You lose over a quarter of a kilo of muscle each year after young adulthood. By 50 years of age this rate of loss doubles. By 65 inactive adults have lost half their muscle and doubled their fat. And by 70 you’ve lost almost 30 percent of your total number of muscle cells! But the news isn’t all bad.

Two scientists at Tufts University, in a landmark study* on successful aging, found that these declines in strength and lean body mass can be reversed in older people through properly performed strength training.

While aerobic exercise and nutrition are important, strength training is pivotal if you want to stay young longer. That’s because gradual muscle loss (known as sarcopenia) is the catalyst for a number of other adverse age-related changes in your body: reduced strength, reduced metabolism, increased body fat, declining aerobic fitness, increased insulin resistance, and continuous loss in bone density.

In short, gaining muscle is the holy grail of youthfulness, rejuvenating your entire physiology and overall vitality, and allowing you to live like a 40 year old until you’re 70 and beyond!

Gain muscle, gain life with BoomerHIT.

At BodyTech, we’ve always known that increasing the effort put into exercise (intensity) rather than the amount is the proven way of getting stronger, whatever your age. And we also know that achieving meaningful results from strength training requires a high level of supervision.

Come and see us for a strength training programme that will ensure you quickly and efficiently regain lean muscle and strength.

You’ll see a significant improvement in your overall health and vitality in no time at all.

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*Biomarkers by William Evans, PhD, and Irwin H. Rosenberg, MD, Professors of Nutrition and Medicine
(Simon & Schuster, 1991).