This weekend I re-grouted my shower. It took around 8 hours and was quite a workout. My forearms got so fatigued that I had to recruit my chest muscles to do a fly-type movement for a bit of horizontal flexion, squeezing out every last drop of grout from the tube. And it occurred to me, had I discovered the next big fitness craze? Grout Fit™. After all, it required a whole lot of effort and made my forearms ache like hell so it must be good for you, right?

Of course, I’m not serious. And yet around New Zealand and the world people are buying into equally ludicrous fitness fads based on the personal philosophies of self-styled fitness gurus that are at best ineffective and at worst, downright dangerous.

Just because flipping large tyres and slamming sledgehammers requires a whole lot of exertion and buckets of sweat, doesn’t mean they help you develop stronger and more powerful muscles. In fact, they’re subjecting your muscles and joints to damaging impact forces up to three or four times the resistance you’re heaving or accelerating – so 50 kilos turns into 200 kilos at the beginning and end of a rep!

The BodyTech difference: Evidence-based exercise

As a BodyTech member, you can have complete confidence that all our programmes and training methods are based on proven, evidence based fitness and that our technology is leading edge. So you can be certain you’re getting the very best opportunity for highly productive, efficient and safe exercise.

We know exactly what’s required to make you stronger faster, and quality supervision ensures exercises are performed properly, with maximum effort and meaningful weight loads.

Of course, fitness science doesn’t stand still. That’s why we’re always keeping abreast of the latest research from around the world and interrogating it fully before incorporating it, where applicable, into our programmes.

We call it fitness integrity. That’s why you won’t be seeing Grout Fit™ offered anytime soon at BodyTech.

Train smart
Peter Rana