During these unsettling times, people’s stress and anxiety levels are ramping up and it’s easy for anxiety to start to spiral out of control.


Yes, there are things that are definitely out of our control globally, but instead of being completely consumed by the constant news of COVID-19, and feeling a sense of helplessness and hopelessness, we can start focussing our energies on the areas in our lives that we can control. One of those is definitely our thoughts. If I could give you one gift at this crazy time, besides daily exercise and breathing work, it would be empowering you to get control of your mind through a short meditation practice, helping to calm the stress and anxiety that we’re all experiencing. 


About five years ago one of my soul sisters, long-time friend Monique Rhodes asked me to be one of her initial test participants for The 10 Minute Mind®, an online mindfulness meditation course she’d created. Of course, without even having to think about it, I was all in!  You see, back then I was just starting a meditation practice but always found sitting to meditate extremely hard. My mind would try to hijack my practice every single time or some of the voices of the guided meditations really didn’t help. But with only having to set aside 10 minutes each morning before I got out of bed and listen to Monique’s soothing voice, I found I became addicted to this practice.


Monique has made some special tracks that she’s gifting to our community during this lockdown period, so why not give it a go? You’ll feel calmer and more able to cope. Maybe you can all do it together in your ‘bubble’ to support each other. Click here for your free COVID-19 meditation. 


Stay safe and stay strong,


Monique Rana