With aging, muscle becomes weaker for several reasons. Firstly, muscle fibre size decreases resulting in smaller, weaker muscles. Secondly, the number of fast muscle fibres (fibres that help us move quickly and powerfully) decreases causing both strength and power loss. Finally, we lose the ability over time to activate muscle ‘motor units’, a nervous system phenomenon, so that the fibres that remain in the muscle are not used.
But the good news is that properly performed high intensity strength training, like we advocate at BodyTech, reverses some of these changes – no matter what your age - significantly regaining strength, muscle and vitality. Moreover, with properly performed strength training, neurological efficiency improves allowing you to tap into more of your muscle fibres that remain.
This all means more muscular strength, more power and more endurance, for longer. And that’s the truth. So gain muscle and gain life at BodyTech.
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