58.4% more strength with Supervised High Intensity Training.

Coaches and athletes acknowledge that traditional strength training can increase muscular strength and, in some cases, endurance. But the truth is, “just going for it” without adequate supervision will deliver less than half the strength results.

This was confirmed in a joint research project involving Arthur Jones, inventor of the Nautilus® and MedX® strength training machines used by BodyTech, and the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York*. It found that supervised high intensity strength training on Jones’ machines delivered almost 60% more strength than unsupervised! Cardiovascular and flexibility results were equally impressive.

This all goes to show that unsupervised and improperly performed strength training could be selling you short.

* Peterson, James A. (editor). Total Fitness: The Nautilus Way. West Point, New York: Leisure Press, 1978.

Supervision’s the difference.

The combination of our scientifically designed MedX® strength machines and quality supervision makes BodyTech Supervised HIT™ the best high intensity strength training programme available for total body fitness.

Quality supervision ensures strength exercises are performed properly, with maximum effort, meaningful weight loads and only brief rest periods between them. In short, better results faster from just three 30-minute workouts a week.

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