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Alana Hendl

Contract Personal Trainer

I am a personal trainer because I enjoy helping people achieve their goals.

I came into the fitness industry through my passion for sport and exercise. Having always participated in competitive sport, I have had a range of personal experiences in my own training, practicing and competing for sporting events. These personal experiences have frequently helped me to provide my clients with advice and direction towards their own goals.

I have been personal training for 7 years now, during this time I have developed trusting relationships with the people who I train. These relationships are vitally important to me, as it is through gaining my clients trust that I am able to unlock their goals and any limitations they have in achieving these goals.

I believe that everyone who comes into the gym has a goal motivating them to walk through the doors. It is important to me that I help them to achieve this goal and feel successful and confident in themselves. Through achieving my own goal of fatloss, I have gained significant insights into what it takes to lose weight. This experience, combined with my University degree has helped me to understand and communicate important facts about the appropriate nutrition and exercise programmes people should follow in order to achieve their goals.

  • Bachelor of Science majoring in sport and exercise
  • BodyTech Personal Trainer
  • BodyTech Training Co-Ordinator
  • BodyTech Supervisor
  • Agatsu Kettle bell instructor
  • Madd dog Spin Instructor

Why do you embrace HIT?
I believe HIT enables everyone to achieve their goals, there are no more excuses! Time is no longer a limiting factor. HIT is realistic for everyones daily life.

What’s your favorite workout/exercise to experience HIT?
I love doing a full body weights workout, with lots of leg exercises, as I feel that I can work my hardest when working my leg muscles and this gets my heart rate elevated, which feels great. On days when I don’t have much energy or the right state of mind for a hard workout I love the Supervised Circuit as I get support from the trainers.

How do you benefit from HIT in everyday life?
Time is never an issue for me now that I do HIST. I can always find 30 minutes at least 2 times every week. When I am short for time I prioritise my strength training as that will benefit my body the most in maintaining my bodyfat and strength.

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