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Rod Wonglyn

Contract Personal Trainer

I’m a certified personal trainer with 16 years experience in the fitness industry and over 14 years at BodyTech Gym. My love for fitness came through competitive sports. Wanting to perform at my best made me passionate about achieving my fitness goals. I then came to realise that I wanted to help others achieve theirs.

I love empowering my clients to believe in themselves, and helping them to reach their full potential and lead happier, healthier lives through a mutual passion for fitness and nutrition.

I’m a keen golfer and my training as a TPI Golf Fitness Instructor Level 2 enables me to work with golfers of all ages and abilities to maximise their potential – and lower their handicaps and risk of injury. My other specialties include:

  • strength/power training
  • high intensity interval training
  • advanced high intensity strength training
  • sports specific conditioning
  • boxing/kickboxing
  • kettle bells.

Why do you embrace HIT?
I use HIT/HITT programmes with my clients (and incorporate them into my own training regime) because they achieve great results, they promote perfect technique and form, and also because they’re very effective, safe and time efficient.

What is your favourite workout/execise to experience HIT?
All HIT workouts are great and challenging. I love variety so changing up these workouts often is key for me.

How do you benefit from HIT in your everyday life?
Time is precious so having fewer, shorter and more challenging workouts is perfect for my busy lifestyle.

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