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Rachel Mackessack

Personal Trainer/BodyTech Ride Instructor

I’ve been in the fitness industry for six and a half years, six of them with BodyTech. I came here with the dream of helping others to achieve their goals in the safest, sustainable way. I’ve always had a passion for the gym and sports, and have learnt many hard lessons along the way!

From all my life experiences I've built up a large knowledge base regarding exercise, food and the body. There are so many physical benefits to exercise but we often underestimate what it does for the mind. It's my absolute passion helping people get the results they desire while living a balanced lifestyle - and truly reap the benefits of exercise and good nutrition, physically and mentally!

Why do you embrace HIT?

After spending hours and hours a week in the gym putting my workouts before 'life', I'm happy to say there's a much better way! HIT truly delivers you the most effective results in a short amount of time. Who wants to spend their whole life in the gym?! Life is short, it's to be enjoyed!

What's your favourite workout/exercise to experience HIT?

Lower body exercises are probably my favourite. I feel I can work my hardest on my lower body. Although extremely challenging the benefits they deliver out way the short amount of "pain". Legs have big muscle groups, the harder you work them, the more muscle you build equalling a higher metabolism and FAT LOSS! And those exercises sure do get the cardio system going.

How do you benefit from HIT in everyday life?

It's incredibly easy to fit in three 30 minute exercise sessions a week. It's taken me a long time to find balance with work, exercise and life outside the gym. I no longer have the time, nor the desire, to spend hours working out every week knowing that I can achieve my goals a lot quicker by working out harder, shorter and smarter!

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