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David Bryson

Contract Personal Trainer/BodyTech Ride and Bravo Instructor

No Compromise!

Having been in the fitness industry for 15 years and with BodyTech for the past seven, I firmly believe that to achieve your goals there can be no half measures. It’s important to me as a qualified sport scientist  that the effort you put into achieving your goals is correctly applied to realise those goals. Do things right the first time.  

Having the knowledge is only half the equation and adding fun and getting enjoyment out of exercise is  central to how I like to train.

Sport and human performance are where my heart lies and this passion led me to gain an Honours degree in Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Auckland.  This has given me the opportuninty to work with some of New Zealands top athletes while furthering my knowledge to help many clients of all ages from all walks of life.    

BodyTech’s facilities allow me to design and innovate scientific based programmes to improve all components of your fitness including rehabilitation, as well as your body composition through nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

  • BSc (Hons) Auckland University
  • BodyTech Personal Trainer
  • BodyTech Spin Instructor
  • BodyTech Bravo Developer
  • BodyTech Run Workshop Leader

Why do you embrace HIT?
Modern life demands we be efficent with our  time.  HIT to me truely delivers huge benefits while being extremely time efficent. Its the most effective way to train many aspects of your fitness allowing you to spend less time acheiving it and more time enjoying it!

What’s your favorite workout/exercise to experience HIT?
Full Body HIT Routines 

The cardiovascular challenge that HIT provides during full body routines gets me going! Limited rest is tough work - especially when it’s not just your muscles screaming!

How do you benefit from HIT in everyday life?
Balancing a busy work and social life as well as sporting endeavours isn’t easy, but I make it happen because I want to make the most of life. I know next to my specific training routines HIT keeps my body balanced and allows me to fit more into my day. 

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