Regain lost muscle and burn more calories with Fat2MUSCLE.

The most debilitating physical problem encountered during adulthood is the gradual loss of muscle. For every 10 years of adult life, both men and women have the potential to lose 2.3kgs of muscle and gain 6.8kgs of fat. And the truth is, no amount of walking, jogging or cycling, dieting and using supplements will effectively reverse this. 

Research* supports that the key to long-term fat loss is regaining lost muscle. That’s because muscle is a very active tissue and plays a major role in maintaining metabolism. So the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolic rate and the more calories you burn – even at rest.

Strength training is the ultimate fat burner.

That’s why BodyTech’s Fat2MUSCLE™ 6-week programme has been so successful for more than 25 years. Our High Intensity Training (HIT) style of strength training, combined with our reduced calorie eating plan and super-hydration, is the best means of replacing lost muscle, revving up your metabolism and burning away excess fat. 

Research has found that a properly performed strength training programme elevates your muscles resting metabolic rate by a significant 7%. For the average man and woman this represents approximately 115 additional calories burned each day. That’s around 805 more calories a week! By comparison, traditional cardio programmes have no lasting elevating effect on resting metabolism.

All of which means that in just six weeks, with only three 30-minute high intensity training workouts a week, you’ll start looking and feeling the way you used to. And that’s the truth.

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* ‘Why The Confusion on Muscle and Metabolism’, Wayne L. Westcott, Ph.D., South Shore YMCA, Quincy, Massachusetts.