Fitness Truths

  • Truth about muscles and metabolism

    11 September 2017 Author: Peter Rana

    Your body composition plays a significant role in your metabolism.
    Muscles have a large capillary system chiefly to meet their daily metabolic processes and to supply the high level of nutrients they need to function. This means that kg for kg muscles burn more calories than fat.

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  • Truth about white, brown and beige fat

    15 May 2017 Author: Peter Rana

    Not all fat is created equal. Whereas white fat has been known to store calories and be linked to weight gain, another type of fat - brown fat – burns calories to generate heat. Unfortunately, brown fat, found mainly in small mammals and human infants, diminishes with age.

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  • Strength training is the key to long term fat loss

    27 February 2017 Author: Peter Rana

    Most people associate strength training with getting ‘bigger’ as opposed to ‘smaller’. They perceive that strength training builds muscle and increases body weight, whereas cardiovascular training burns calories and decreases body weight.

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